TUSK collaborates with you to design and implement innovative, tailored candidate sourcing and recruitment strategies

We deliver candidates ideally suited to your job requirements and the values and culture of your business. Our recruitment processes are underpinned by the latest technology and best practice systems ensuring candidates are screened and referred efficiently. Your TUSK expert HR team provides high levels of support and communication both pre and post placement. – Our recruitment services cover the following:

  • Temporary
  • Permanent
  • Labour Hire
  • Contract


TUSK training builds on the skills and knowledge required by today's and tomorrow's business leaders and their employees.

Delivered by qualified trainers, our programs boost confidence and lead to increased productivity and better performance. Broad ranging training programs are available for leadership roles, specialist functions, new employees and candidates. Corporate training includes programs covering:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Operations


TUSK provides a range of innovative consulting services centred on developing integrated strategies and plans that link people and their performance to overall business performance.

We can assist with the defining and management of the roles of today and tomorrow as they relate to your objectives. This is all delivered in the context of existing business and employment strategies with a view to generating sustainable competitive advantage for your business within your industry. It all adds up to making your business strong, competitive and valuable. TUSK experienced professionals are available for:

  • Advisory boards
  • Mentoring
  • Strategy facilitation sessions
  • Business and financial analysis
  • Strategic planning and implementation

Executive Recruitment

Highly functional teams lead to better performance.

Engaging employees outside of the workplace is a proven way to increase team productivity, creativity and performance. In addition employees develop trust and support within their group through the establishment of a climate of co-operation and collaborative problem solving. Our event programs have consistently proven beneficial in assisting employees to step outside their comfort zones and work together.

TUSK events energise individuals and teams, often with spectacular results.

Events are tailored to your individual business challenges and the capabilities of your people and teams and are facilitated by professional and experienced events staff, trainers and HR specialists.